An animation series to teach toddlers eco basics. 

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A Quick Intro

A Quick Intro

Since us, as adults haven’t been able to take in consideration the damage we have produced to our ecosystems, the only chance to recover its original state, lies on the new generations. Children are the future of human kind and they are going to inherit what we leave them. Unfortunately they are also going to be responsible to repair for the mess we have done.

Through Ecolilis they will learn basic tips and concepts on how to protect and recover their habitat. These small actions will make them conscious for the impact their behavior produce, and this will certainly permeate into their family and surroundings. If everyone starts taking consciousness of their own actions, we would certainly start acting in a different way. They are going to bloom into far better individuals than we have done.

Imagine you are driving your car with your children to school, and your 3 year old ask you why you aren’t riding your bike. Or you are at the supermarket and they suggest you to buy local food, or they close the dropping tap. All this are small actions that everyone could do, but if you aren’t aware of them your toddler will remind you.

The Project

We are going to produce 25 short film animations of one minute in full-HD and we will also upgrade our web site so you can download directly from the site the full HD movies. The idea is that schools and parents can use them for free.

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